3 Crucial Tips for Effective Article Writing

If you have been on the internet for a while doing any business of any kind, you would have noticed that content is king. Since content is king, it is essential that you learn how to become a better writer –if you are not one yet- and learn how to write effective articles targeted at keeping the audience glued to your website.


Unfortunately, not many people can churn out the required quality that will keep their audience interested and enamoured with their website. if you are reading this article, then it is likely that you fall in this category of people. To become a better writer and be able to write effective articles, here are some tips to guide you in that direction.

Make Your Headlines Attractive

Like it or not, copywriting or persuasive copy is a necessary ingredient here. If your headline sucks, trust me, no one is likely to take a look at your website. Think about it like this: Which headlines are you attracted to more often? You will observe that attractive headlines are probably the reason you buy newspapers. That’s how powerful this is. To learn how to write powerful, attention-grabbing headlines, your first step would be to take a look at most articles online. Which ones grab your attention?  Write them down and try to craft your own headlines in that format.

And . . . Here we Go

If the headline is great and the intro part is whacked, you should know that’s as far as it gets for you. Your writing should build up gradually and the ultimate end should be a reader’s satisfaction. Make your introductory part something that piques the reader curiosity. Draw him in with that introduction and compel him to read on. A good way of doing this is by:

– Asking questions that the reader is likely to have in his mind so he gets the feeling that you relate to him.
– Telling stories. We all love good stories. Don’t we?
– Making outrightly brash statements. This works like a charm. You will have the reader thinking “what the hell does he mean by that statement?”.

Offer Qualitative Information

When people see that you have got a great headline and an even better introduction, they WILL read your article. All you gotta do is keep them interested. Use anecdotes if you can. But in the event that you can’t look for what you think will keep them interested. The theme of your article is also important. Informational articles should contain tips, tricks, techniques and strategies to overcoming a certain problem or solving a particular problem.

Reporting articles should include quotes, statements made by relevant people and other relevant details. This will ensure that your articles do not sound long and boring.

Quality Articles are a fun way to get people to your website and to keep them interested. If you have to pay to learn how to become a better writer and write effective articles, then do so. It will be an investment well worth it.

What to do Right Now

There are lots of awesome courses, free reports and membership sites available for you to choose from if you want to improve on your writing. Go get one now and start practicing. You will be amazed at how good you would be in a few weeks.

Here’s an important question to ask yourself about affiliate marketing and article writing.  Are you a shotgun marketer or a marketing sniper?

A shotgun marketer writes a ton of articles and gets as many out as possible, hopefully a few will get traffic and make a few sales. The longevity and effectiveness of these articles usually only last a short period and then fade deep into the internet.

A marketing sniper relies more on tactic, skill and efficiency.  They write a few very well written, informational, effective and well planned articles aimed at a certain demographic.  Once written and submitted they then go back and work on getting backlinks, seo and improving the articles serps.  A sniper marketer finds out which kind of article writing format and content work well and then implements that same article style.

I probably fall under both of these categories above.  I will admit, I have done both article marketing methods.  Maybe a mixture of both is best, I don’t know.   I guess you’ll have to experiment.

With these “Tips on Writing an Article” you should be able to make more money on the internet with your websites and blogs.  Effective article writing is a skill that you will learn thru experience and observing but a must to create an authoritive presence online.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you Walter, you gotta make that personal connection and relate to them in someway in your content. Whether it’s negative or positive.

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