Top 9 Ways of Getting Powerful Backlinks

I have made a list of 9 Ways to get the Most Powerful Backlinks or one way links to your site or blog.  One of the most important parts of SEO is getting backlinks to your site, that’s if you want to be on the front page of the search engine results pages (serps) and get higher PR.  The trick is gaining one way links to your site that look natural (meaning don’t go get 1,000 backlinks in one day) for seo purposes, especially for Google.

You should try to get high quality links from trusted sites that are relevant to your site, and use the correct anchor text (keywords you want to improve search rankings for). You need to make sure that you are placing links on DoFollow sites – search engine spiders will follow and give link juice back to your site. Nofollow links tell the search spiders not to follow them and they don’t pass on any link juice.

I’ve added some great references below every dofollow backlink method that contain Incredible lists of great places for you to use.

1. Do Follow Forums – This is one of the easiest ways of getting FREE Backlinks.  There are 1000’s of forums on the net and more popping up daily.  Most good forums are do follow and allow you to leave a link to your site in your signature at the bottom of each post you make.  Just make sure you find relevant forums to your site and it is a do follow forum.  This is also an easy way to get many links back to your site because the more posts made by you the more one way links.  Even if you add a new site to your signature and you have 1000 posts then you automatically just added a 1000 links to that url.

Here are some great sites that have listed DoFollow forums with their PR as well.

2. Blog Commenting – Leaving a comment on Do Follow blogs is a very easy and FREE method people have been using for years.  Just make sure you are commenting on relevant blogs and don’t spam.  Add value with your comments and add your opinion to the subject.  Don’t forget about using trackbacks!

Here’s a few great sites with a huge list of Dofollow blogs and their PR.

3. Directories – Use them correctly and you will be on the front page of the Serps in no time.  Directories are great because you get to leave a small description of your site then it’s placed in a relevant category which gives you a very authoritive link back.  Some are FREE and many cost money for a dofollow link but usually worth it.  I’ve also noticed many of them are now doing the whole reciprocal link exchange as well if you don’t want to pay.

Here’s a few sites with dofollow directories.

4. Social Bookmarking sites – Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard social bookmarking is a way to get TONS of  free traffic, exposure and authority but it’s another great way to get one way links.  You get to add a description of the site or post and a link to it.

Now there is always a argument over which bookmarking sites are dofollow but I’ve found some good sites below that pretty much got it right and even if you don’t get any linkjuice then you’ll still get plenty of traffic from them if bookmarked correctly and with valuable content like from Digg, stumbleupon and propeller.

5. Article Directories – This a very popular method if you are familiar with internet marketing then I’m sure you’ve heard about the power of and all the benefits of using them.  Writing and submitting your articles will give you traffic, backlinks, it’s simple and effective.  Instead of just a description of your site you can write a whole entire keyword rich article which will help your website or blog out tremendously.

Usually they are FREE and I’ve got some sites that will point you to the right article directories below.

6. Pressrelease – A powerful way of letting the media and consumers know about yourself and your products/services with a document.  The more professional and well written the better.  Pressreleases need to be more of a journalistic style rather than a marketing style and more informational, not just trying to make a sale or review.

I’ve got an awesome url for you below with a large list of pressrelease sites most are probably nofollow but still use as many as you can.

7. Submitting your RSS Feeds – Many people find your blogs from reading your feeds (small description of your post) they find on different feed directories.  Make sure you are careful to make sure you don’t submit the same feed to many times to the same site.  Some automatic feed services like pingomatic and pingoat submit to the same sites or search engines.  If you need more info on RSS Feeds go here

I would definitely suggest joining a automated feed and post service, then add your feed url to some of the feed directories you’ll find at the site below.  Some are dofollow and some are not, experiment but it’s a great list.

8. Buy Backlinks – This is a good way to get very relevant and High PR one way links, but will cost some money.  Definitely worth it.  If you are going to have a major website or blog, then you’ll eventually have to pay for SEO services and for Powerful back-links, or you’re competition will run you over and never look back.  You gotta remember, accomplished and successful sites may have a team or a dedicated person just for their seo, so paying for backlinks from a good source, can usually put your sites ahead of the pack.

9. Reciprocal Links – Exchanging links with other relevant sites has always been very popular but not as powerful as it use to be ever since Google cracked down on the Linkjuice from this method a few years ago.  It still works great and a must do SEO tactic to out rank your competition with similar niches.  The best way I’ve found to find similar websites to do this method is by joining forums, usually they’ll have a section for this or by doing some research in the search engines.

I wanted to add, make sure you also use hubpages and squidoo because they really don’t fall under anything above they are more considered as internet tools, web 2.0 website or community websites.  You’ll find they both work very well for your seo needs.  The 9 Ways on how to get Powerful Backlinks above are not in any particular order.  Oh yeah, I wanted to mention don’t forget about “Link Baiting” (creating content just to receive backlinks) that is seriously a very powerful method as well, and Guest Posting (creating posts for other relevant blogs).  If you got something to add then let me know.  Make sure you are using a few or all of the methods mentioned above and you will soon be getting more traffic and PR then expected!

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25 Responses to Top 9 Ways of Getting Powerful Backlinks

  1. Hey Walter, buying back links can vary in cost. My tip to you if you want to buy is thoroughly checkout their background and proof before purchasing. I normally always ask in a good forum like “ point” or “warrior forum” for feedback on a service or for legit backlinks.

    I was on the warrior forum just the other day and they were discussing some of the legit backlinking services in the WSO.

    Directory backlinks can sometimes be worth it like Yahoo directory costs several 100 dollars a year, but well worth it. But others will try to fool you because the domain has a good PR but the page your link will be isn’t even pageranked so make sure you do some research before handing out cash.

  2. Quite a thorough finding! Very nicely done, Mathew. Thanks for putting up the efforts to structure the ideas with references. I find these very useful, surely some will to. I’ve given this post a stumble, keep up the good work! Thanks for dropping by earlier too. ^^

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  3. As a former admin of two communities I can not stress enough that it is ore important to take part in a community. don’t just join to get a backlink.

  4. @Ching Ya

    You are very welcome, thanks for the stumble and I’ll definitely be visiting your site ( again very soon. I find it a very good read with lots of good information and resources!


    I agree with you totally, thanks for the advice and reminder. My mind was more on ways to just get a backlink and higher PR when writing this post. I would suggest not just going after a backlink and trying to help only yourself. But getting involved or joining a community will definitely be more beneficial in the long run in many ways.

  5. Very informative. Great information and some useful links to check out. I’m sure you have used all of these methods in building backlinks. Which have been the 3 most effective methods for you? Just curious. Thanks.

  6. @Mike McEvoy

    Here are my three: 1,5,8. I will see almost instant results applying those three methods and they continue to grow tremendously over time.

  7. Using trackbacks is really effective.I like blog commenting as well, but the problem is that many bloggers do not allow to put keywords in the name which results in that your link back will be your name, instead of your main keyword. This works for well known bloggers, but not for those who are still working to build their traffic.

  8. @syed, this is a pretty old post buddy. If you actually implemented all of these methods of getting backlinks, then you wouldn’t need anything else.

  9. I did almost all of the above-stated items except for item #6 (Press Release). I’d like to give it a try and see how it works for me as well, as far as my SEO campaign is concerned.

    Thanks for the list!

    More to go 🙂

  10. I would have added something specific about the benefits of getting trusted links from .edu/.gov/.fil sites. These are easy to find in the search engines and can have a massive effect on your rankings…..

  11. Je sais que je n’éteindrais pas de commentaires. D’habitude quand je suis fait en lisant un blog, la chose suivante que je fais est lue les commentaires pour voir que tous les autres ont dû dire. Chacun est différent et les gens ont tendance à voir des choses dans une différente lumière. Je suis toujours curieux pour voir que quelqu’un d’autre dit que cela ne pense pas comme je fais. Je crois aussi qu’il y a d’autres fonctions importantes de commentaires comme le feed-back, les conversations et que non.

  12. Yeah link baiting and using social networking are most useful link building strategies.Other than these i have considered video submission,Rss feed,e.t.c.Guest blogging helps me alot for getting huge traffic.

  13. I’m really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one these days.

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