Theme Wars Review – WP Themes Battle!

UBD just recently launched their latest creation called Theme Wars – A WP theme site that will have The Most Popular New WP Themes available to purchase.  Now why is Theme wars so Popular right now.  One it’s made by UBD the creators of affiliate theme and one of the best designers for wordpress themes and 2nd theme wars allows designers and bloggers come together in a community to showoff and vote for favorites.

Theme Wars

WP theme designers can submit their themes for battle and bloggers can vote for the theme they want to win.   Every week one theme will win and be added to Theme Wars site.  This is great for designers and bloggers for more exposure for designers and being able to choose what we bloggers actually want in a theme not just having to choose whatever they have to offer.

I heard the winning designers will make a nice percentage per every theme sold if their theme wins and bloggers and other people who are interested in purchasing any themes from theme wars can purchase single themes or pay a mthly membership like a wp themes club and have access to all of them.

If you’ve ever wanted to have your opinion heard about what type of wp themes you wanted available to purchase then vote now for this weeks battle against two great themes  at Theme Wars and help choose this weeks winner.

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