GetResponse V6.0 Just Released ~ FREE Accounts

Email marketing is even easier and more efficient now with the New Launch of Get Response V6.0 today.  It’s been awhile since they’ve done a major change and added several new features so it’s quite a BIG DEAL.  GetResponse has been one of the leaders in email marketing and autoresponder software for many years now.

With nearly 100k active accounts and near 100 million subscribers you know they are trustworthy and reliable.  There main competitor is Aweber email marketing software which Costs More and Offers Less Features.

FREE GetResponse V.6 AccountsNo Obligation

Easy signup process and no credit card needed!

Email Marketing with autoresponders is a way to Increase Your Sales up to 50% or better.  They say it takes at least 5 times of getting in contact with a potential customer before they trust you and make a purchase from you.  You can make sales without an autoresponder or email marketing software but you will make many more sales if you start building a list, catching potential customers emails and being able to stay in contact with them.

I’m sure you’ve heard about super affiliates and guru’s saying it’s all about your list.  Email marketing software is the way super affiliates and others create their lists and stay in contact with them pretty much all automated.

Get Response is a web-based email marketing software that delivers campaigns, newsletters, special offers, autoresponder messages and follow ups.

It’s the easiest way to build a list of interested people for your services, affiliate products or sites.  You can literally make a ton of sales from just having a list.  This is one of the ways Super Affiliates hit 10k days with their lists and autoresponders.

New GetResponse V6.0 Benefits on top of their original features

  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • add video to your email marketing
  • surveys
  • split-tests
  • email analytics
  • iPhone apps
  • Twitter Integration
  • New Templates
  • Integration with PayPal and other shopping carts
  • and much more….

Checkout all the new features, details or signup for a FREE Account of GetResponse V6

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