11 Things to Remember for a Successful Online Business

I had read a great post about 9 reasons why some peoples online businesses fail and what you need for a successful business.  It was very motivating, inspiring and keeps you in check on what’s important and what’s not.  You can read the whole post here Shoemoney it was a really great post.  I rewrote it and changed it to “11 things to remember for a successful online business”.

1.  Don’t copy the same exact service or product as someone else and not change it up. You start a business or have an idea and you do or sell the exact thing someone else is doing and not change it up.  Whether by changing the appearance, sleeker, faster, shinier change something about it or change your marketing approach.  Bottom line bring something new to the table or you won’t make it.  A different angle could work also.

2.  You gotta be disciplined – starting a online business you better be ready to put in 100 hr work week and even when you are seeing some success, you gotta continue with the work ethic because there’s no 9 to 5 with an online business and it’s open 24 – 7.  Once you know how to keep things going smoothly then you can relax and live the dot com lifestyle… a little bit.

3.  Focus on what’s important – Don’t focus on appearance or how pretty your sites look.  Focus on whats important such as customers, customer service, more sales, improving things for you customers,  tools and etc….

4.  Trust within your team – You gotta trust your team and utilize them for what you hired them for, they are there to help you.  If they are a hinderance then get rid of them or do a better job pre-screening.

5.  Don’t get cocky or think your entitled to succeed – I’ve meet many people who believe there time has come and they are owed success for whatever reasons.  Back to reality, everyone thinks they are important and different, without hard work and smarts then you probably won’t find success.  You gotta work for success.

6. You gotta have street smarts – Book smarts are great for tests and passing the exam to get a higher position.  But in business “street smarts”, common sense and having good instincts will be a must have or you’ll get out slicked, lyed to, played, used and abused in the world of business and the Internet marketing world.

7.  Don’t be cheap and cut corners – Remember the old business saying, “you gotta spend money to make money”.  It’s true and also the less you do the more you’ll make.  A great tip from a guru said “do what you’re good at and outsource what you’re not good at”.

8.  Never take your customers/readers/subscribers for granted – They help make you successful and they bring in more sales and customers.  Don’t ever take them for granted and always treat them GREAT!

9.  Don’t be scared of failure –  Some people who are new to business might have never failed before and then when they do on their first attempt to start a business they give up or think of themselves as a loser.  I have personally failed a ton of times and I learn from my failures and mistakes and I grow and come back stronger and more knowledgeable.  Failure is a part of business.

10.  Don’t try to do everything yourself – I used to have a hard time with this one.  Delegate and you will have more time to work on more important things of your business if you find the right team or others who you can outsource work to.  You will never make it big online if you try to do everything yourself.

11.  Set Goals – start out small then think bigger but reach each one first then move to the next one.  If it’s money then same applies.  Make a goal of making your first grand then after you reach it set another larger goal.

These eleven pointers will help your online business reach success or keep it running successful.  If anyone has anything to add then let me know.

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