Why should you start a Blog?

Like many of you know already, I’m not new to Internet Marketing or making money online.  However, I have just recently started my own personal internet marketing blog and the only reason is because I have learned and seen the HUGE Potential a blog has on your presence online, business, branding and opening new opportunities for other ventures.

The potential of making more money or becoming rich online is much greater with a blog.  Why?…… for this post I’m going to give you some Insight on the 5 blogs that I have followed for a very long time.

1. Shoemoney – His blog has been up for about 5 years and roughly he makes about 1/2 a million from sponsors etc….a year.  His blog is worth around  $248,000 currently. WoW, right.  keep reading!

2. ProBlogger – His blog has been up for 51/2 years and roughly makes 1/2 million give or take 100k, per year from sponsors etc…. His blog is currently worth 2.4 Million.  Did you want to make offer?….lol

3. JohnChow – His blog has been up for 9 years and roughly makes about the same 1/2 million a year sponsors and etc…. His blog is currently worth over $183,000 … still not to shabby, right.

4. Entrepreneurs-journey (Yaro) His blog has been up for over 4 years and makes lower mid 6 figures a year from sponsors and etc….. His blog is currently worth over $131,000.

5. Carlocab a.k.a (13 year old blogger) His blog has been up for over 2 years and he makes in the lower six figures from sponsors and etc… per year.  His blog is worth over $21,000.  Hey, not bad for a kid and only being up for 2 years.  I’ll never be able to catch up to him. 🙂

I hope that you saw the potential of what a blog can do for you and why you should start a blog.  I know, chances of becoming that successful with a blog or making that kind of money online is like 1% but someone has to be the next big name, Why can’t it be you?

Almost all of them started blogging and were not expecting to become so BIG or even trying to become famous.  They were either hobbies or a journal of what they were doing online at the time, not really to make money from them.

A blog is just one of the ways most of them make money.  For instance, Shoemoney has Shoemoney Media Group INC.  I heard his blogs revenue of 1/2 a million a year only makes up like 3-6 percent of his entire companies revenue.

His blog and for the others as well have given all of them the Popularity and Traffic to launch other successful businesses.   Then, they just connect all of them together into one SUCCESSFUL (Enterprise) or Business.  That’s why Branding is so important.

It’s what makes you or breaks you.  Think of how you want to brand yourself first and then the Sky is the Limit!  Oh yeah, I suggest you stay in touch with those blogs mentioned above if you want success online.  Yes, there are other big names out there but I didn’t want to write about this topic all night…. 🙂


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