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I finally joined Twitter.  I’ve obviously heard about all the hype about Twitter and all the potential it has for networking and Internet Marketing.  I’ll be honest, I’m sometimes a little stubborn about trying new tools, products and services.

I joined right after my mentor (if you’ve been following me then you know who he is) said if you aren’t using Twitter then you’re missing out on Huge Traffic spikes, sales, networking and marketing opportunities.  I joined twitter the very next day and I looked for the best twitter product on the net and purchased the Twitter Traffic Machine on the 1st of june o9 right after I had opened a twitter account.

update 8/10/09
Twitter Traffic Machine was just recently TAKEN DOWN but here’s a Better Alternative TweetAdder is Easier to use, More Professional and has Different Pricing Options!

Click here to see more about Twittertrafficmachine

Twitter Traffic Machine Review

First off, this is a TRUE Twitter Traffic Machine Review.  Why?….I actually purchased product, am using it and showing actual stats of the potential it has.  I had to look for twitter tools and tips online because I don’t really have the time to tweet all day and get 1000’s of followers.  I’m very busy all day everyday.  This was part of my email from them after purchase.

Okay I think you get the idea.  I wanted to show proof that I actually did purchase the twittertrafficmachine.  This product was created by Bill Crosby, a twitter genius? …..He really did some major research and spent MUCH Time putting together his twitter program or guide.

I really haven’t purchased a product so “Valuable” like the twittertrafficmachine in a long time.  I really was like.  WOW!…Blown away from everything he teaches and the twitter tools he shows you how to use and twitter resources he hooks you up with.  The $27 for Bill Crosby’s twitter product was unbelievable.  I was looking for a paypal donation button somewhere to hook him up…..really, it’s that good.

You need to remember I joined twitter and was a complete newbie to it.  I barely new how to use twitter let alone how and what tools and resources twitter has.  If you go to Twitter there really isn’t much explanation on extra twitter tools or how to make the most out of twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a FREE social messaging utility for staying in contact in real time.  Many people like it for networking, staying in touch with friends/family and Internet Marketing.  Why is Twitter so good.  A average joe or newbie Internet Marketer could have 30,000+ followers without to much effort, of course that’s with the Twitter Traffic Machine.

If you don’t use twittertrafficmachine then you probably won’t ever hit that many followers.  Now, let’s say you have 30k followers.  That’s almost like having a downline or a list of 30k people all following you.  Every time you tweet or send a message all 30,000 see it instantly.  Yes, you can add links, affiliate links whatever you want to put in your tweets.  I think you are seeing the potential of having a big following list on Twitter.

-<—-<-Wanna see the results of my clickthroughs.  The Top Blue #’s are clicks from my links and the grey #’s are other people’s links.  Don’t pay attention to those.  The very first number on top 11 means 11 people clicked on my link when I sent a tweet out with a link in it.  I only had 130 followers.  Just showing you percentage wise how many people actually click on your links.  A very high percentage.  You see the other one with 54 clicks about 40% clicked on it.  Think of how many would click if you had 30,000 followers!  Oh yeah, I track and use a tool for my links.  It’s just one of many of the twitter resources from the Twitter Traffic Machine guide.

Many of the resources you will use and get access to with the twitter traffic machine will automate almost everything for you on your Twitter account.

I’m not going into all the details of every tool and resource you will get to use but (one of the twitter tools is just unbelievable!)  It’s a FREE tool but you can upgrade and get many more features will be available to you.  I would Highly recommend you upgrade.  It saves me like an extra 2 hrs. everyday so far because I have more control of my account and can use the automated tools for twitter more efficiently.  Click here for tweetlater tool

Checkout my followers in just a few days all automated.  I spent just a few minutes everyday (after everything was setup on twitter account) to get these followers.  I’m getting about 50-80 new followers everyday all automated.  I’ll be in the thousands very soon.  One thing I want to point out is I know most people think if the twitter traffic machine is fully automated then your going to get a bunch of followers who don’t care about your products or have anything in common with you, right….Wrong.  All the tools and resources shown to you in the twitter traffic machine are ALL Highly targeted traffic.   You choose the keywords of the followers you want to follow and have follow you back.  It’s like crazy twitter voodoo, seriously.  I love every resource the twitter traffic machine uses.

Okay, now what about making money on twitter with your tweets.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to internet marketing or have no idea about internet marketing at all.  Once your setup with everything for your account (the twitter traffic machine guides you through the entire process by video and written checklist), all you do is send a tweet (simple small message) with a link to buy something from.  Which twittertraffic machine will help you with this process as well.  It’s that simple.  Tip, don’t spam a bunch of affiliate links, especially if it’s a new twitter account.  HINT, the more helpful you are to people the more likely they’ll click your links.

Here’s a picture of my stats from only having 140 followers and being a complete newbie with twitter.  All I did was send tweets with a link in it to help someone out.  I wasn’t even thinking I would make a sale let alone more than one until I had like 10,000 followers on twitter but nope you can start making sales with just a hundred.  But think how many sales you could make when you do have 1000’s of followers.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about internet marketing.  What are you knowledgeable about or what are your hobbies & interests?  Then, start a twitter account and start getting followers in that field of interest.  Mine is for marketing and all of my other interests.

Benefits of Using the Twitter Traffic Machine:

  • Fully Automated Targeted Twitter Traffic unlimited amount of followers (Bill Crosby-creator of twitter traffic machine) has over 40,000 followers.  You’ll see his account after you join twittertrafficmachine and then be able to join him afterwards.
  • Fully Automated emails sent to your followers.
  • STEP by Step guide for every detail all on video and written checklist.
  • Fully automated Tweets.  Choose what subjects you want to tweet about.
  • Access a url tool that will track every link you send out and info. about who and when they clicked.
  • Become a expert in any field and tweet the most current topics to your followers on auto pilot.
  • Gain huge amounts of traffic to a website or blog in a short amount of time.
  • Network with other people and follow others who are similar to you.
  • Make money with twitter and be able to have more time to work on other projects or just relax, while your twitter account grows everyday on autopilot.
  • 100% money back guarantee 60 days to try it out!
  • Works on Numerous Twitter Accounts not just one
  • There’s so many twitter resources, tools, tips, tricks etc… that I don’t even remember them all.

I just wanted to show the potential of Twitter + Twitter Traffic Machine guide.  Do you know how much time and money it takes to get a optin list in the thousands?…..It takes a looooooong time and many sharp marketing skills to accomplish that kind of list.  With Twitter and the twitter traffic machine it even allows a complete newbie in internet marketing to get a list 1000’s of targeted followers in a little time.

I have tweeted with stay at home mom’s and grandparents who started this program and they already had several thousand followers and were having fun tweeting and making money online from just tweeting.  I hope you see the potential of Twitter + TwitterTrafficMachine in my Twitter Traffic Review.  Please find me on twitter as soon as you join the program and follow me and I’ll follow you.  Just search for my name Mathewday.

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