Top Ten SEO Mistakes

One of the most frustrating parts of Internet Marketing easily could be SEO (search engine optimization) .  It sometimes makes some of us marketers to act a little crazy 😉

I have created a Top Ten Seo Mistakes post from my experiences and tips I have learned along the way.

Why is SEO techniques so important for your website or blog?  If you do not comply with many of the (search engine optimization) rules then you are taking the risk of 1. not getting indexed by search engines altogether and 2. getting kicked out of the search engines or losing all your pagerank.  🙁

Top Ten SEO Mistakes

#1 Using the Title Tag improperly. This is basically the most important tag on your entire site.  Your title tag is what will appear in the search engine results pages as the title of your site or post.  It’s what people click on to go to your site.  Very important to pick the best keyword phrase.  Make it catchy and with your main keywords in it – (NO longer than 65 characters!) Always make sure you use a title tag or no title will appear in the serps!

#2 Not using Meta tag Keywords Properly. Back in the good ol days search engines looked highly on Good Meta Keyword tags but now meta tags don’t help your sites pagerank.  BUT improper use of meta tags will hurt you.  Meta tags is the description of your site or blog below the title tag in serps.  Make sure you format it correctly and use good keywords, synonyms, descriptions.  Keep it under (170 characters), you will find your meta tag description right below the title tag description.

#3 Html mistakes on your site.  There could be many reasons for mistakes with your html coding but this is a very common mistake. Html is not properly formatted and usually I found the reason for this is because you forgot to put a closing tag at the end of your html tags.  Example:  very simple example  <b>example <–<—–forgetting the end tag which would be </b> forgetting a end tag will really mess up your whole page and the search spiders will also not pick up the page the way they should.

#4 Creating and writing useless content. Remember the old saying content is king.  That still is pretty much the same even today.  BUT if you have a bunch of worthless content that doesn’t help a potential reader or customer then the search engines will pick up on that.  Many people nowadays write content (worthless) in hopes of getting ranked quicker or etc….One thing I learned about SEO is Search Engines know how many people go to your site, how long they stay, if they return and if other people go to your site from other websites.  The search engines determine this as which site is more important and has more value.  Basically if you have worthless content and people leave and don’t come back then you will get ranked lower.

#5 Overuse of Keywords or keyword stuffing.  Many newbies think the more keywords they scatter all over their site the better or quicker they get ranked right?  Wrong,  search engines are so more complexed than they use to be so this doesn’t work anymore.  You need to distribute your keywords out evenly and in a manner where they make sense.  Don’t overdue the keywords and also add words that are similar to your main keyword descriptions.

#6 Improper usage of “Link Anchor Text”. Many people use the infamous “click here” or “enter herefor their html hyperlink or link anchor text.  One thing I learned about this is that search engines love html hyperlinks and the actual words describe what your site is about.  If you use “click here” as your link anchor text then you will show up for the search results “click here” .  Use relevant keywords for your link anchor text instead of “click here”.  Don’t use the same exact “link anchor text” throughout your site this could lead to search engine spamming.  Also when you are making articles and getting backlinks to your site.  Have those “link anchor text” also be words you want your site to be ranked for and don’t always use “click here to enter site”.

#7 Unfriendly Urls don’t help your cause either.  Have you seen some urls usually a different page of the actual site that says ( this I found is usually with blogs.  With wordpress it’s default is to make your pages and links in your site use a p= for page or cat= for a category.  BUT with most scripts/platforms they make it very easy to change this and come with the feature built in.  With wordpress you just go into the “permalinks” I believe and you can change your page and category urls  from this: to this of post/title of post .  This is much better looking and people can see what the actual url is about instead of p=1221 and more SEO sound.

#8 Using Irrelevent Keywords in hopes of getting more traffic to your site.  This is a NO NO!  I mean like this:  I have a site about internet marketing or about Top Ten SEO Mistakes and you put current news keywords & tags on your site.  Example adding “Sara Palin” or “susan Boyle” as one of your keywords and tags for a make money online site.  Don’t risk it.

#9 Improper “Image Alt Attribute” usage.  Search engines can’t see images so the “Image Alt Attribute” describes to the search engines and to people what the picture is about.  You can add whatever you want to your image alt attribute just don’t leave it blank.  Tip put keywords here cause if you go to image results on google search engine your picture will show up and it will lead to your site which in turn more traffic!

#10 Redirects or Bait and Switch, pretty much I mean having a mirrored and identical site where one is for the search engines- full of good content and keywords and the other is for the potential customers full of offers and links.  There is software for these tactics and the search engines will catch on.  Redirects- some say they are bad for search engines and page rank while I and others think they are fine.  I know many TOP Internet Marketers who use redirects and say they are fine.  But I know other TOP Internet marketers who frown on redirects.  So this one I’ll leave up to you 🙂

I hope you learned something new from my Top Ten SEO Mistakes.

Wooooooow! that was one long post but worth it.


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