Squidoo Lenses and Hubpages for Backlinks?

People have talked about using Squidoo lenses and Hub pages for High Quality backlinks in the past, including myself.   Both Squidoo and Hubpages are High PR sites with some authority coming from their sites.  But they are both stepping up their spam and junk policies with guarded gates.

Hubpages has a really great community. This is a great site to network, get backlinks, and to make some extra money from your content. There’s just one catch, before your links on your hubs are dofollow, you need to have a author profile score of at least 75. This is not a hard task at all, so don’t worry!! Many of the Hubbers will help you in their forum and there’s plenty of hubs that are just on that subject. I actually had written just one hub and did a little commenting on other hubs and my hub score was around 70. Here’s a link to my hubpages profile.

Now squidoo does have DO Follow on for all their links on their lenses but they are cleaning house from now until July 20th or later they said.  They are getting rid of all spammers, junk lenses, xrated lenses and the list goes on and on….check it out here www.squidoo.com They want better quality and less affiliate spamming pretty much.  They now won’t let you create lenses with the following subjects:

Free movie downloads.
Hoodia Gordoni.
Acai berry reviews.
Toenail fungus sales.
WoW gold farming.
Forex reports.
Adult content.

This will be bad for some and good for others.  Cleaning out the junk and making stronger policies will make Squidoo and Hubpages look more authoritive and higher quality to the search engines and thus should produce even more backlink juice for those of us who use both of them and abide by their rules.

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