Snods – Having Fun with Twitter!

What is snods? A new game for Twitter members is catching on very quickly. Snods is a way to have fun on Twitter where you catch the Biggest and Baddest Twitter members who have the most followers.

A really quick review on SNODS – It’s a strategy game in real time where you go after and catch and kidnap other Twitter members based on their follower count.

You get money for the each capture and their are fun missions you can finish and you receive money as well after each mission such as trivia questions, scavenger hunts and etc…. You can play SNODS straight thru your Twitter account by tweeting your commands.

Have you joined snods yet?…….I wonder if it’s going to be as big as “Mafia Wars” on Facebook?….Anyways it’s FREE to play and loads directly from you Twitter account so easy setup. You can join here–> Snods

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