SEO Tips on Search Engine Policy on Redirecting

Here’s another SEO tidbit I wanted to throw into my blog.  It’s not something new to me but once you start learning more and more, it doesn’t hurt to write or keep track of important things you’ve learned or experienced.

I had come across this google redirect policy thing the other day while in a internet marketing forum.

Google policy for redirecting.  Do they allow redirecting, yes.  This is how to do it following their policy.  You can redirect any url but the redirect url must have the same name as the landing URL.  You cannot do this grab a domain name “” and redirect it to “”  that is the incorrect way.

The correct way “” redirect it to “” the correct way.

By the way this is for Google Adwords TOS and Google search engine Tos as well for your websites on the internet.  You will get banned and unindexed from google if you have a redirect without doing it properly.  Also your ppc campaign will be over almost instantly, it will be able to detect this.

Now you’re thinking what’s the use of that then.  There is a way to make an affiliate site and insert it into a different domain name.  You could have a domain name let’s say ( leading a reader to “”.

Now they might be on fatlossforidiots site but the redirect says ( so I guess you are fooling the search engines.  I do not use this method and don’t advise it. I’m just letting you know it can be done.  Haven’t you ever clicked a link to a website you thought you were going to then you ended up on some website that totally didn’t go with the domain name?  They are straight linking to the affiliate landing page.

Here’s a great post on htaccess file redirect it’s good for cloaking and redirecting.

Another legit way to redirect is to use a redirect service like, “” or “”  there are others as well.  You can throw just about any link in there and it will shorten and redirect for you.  All abiding by the search engines policies.

Can you redirect with google adwords with your unique url affiliate sites?

Yes you can such as clickbank or with other affiliate programs.  You can direct link an affiliate site let’s say ( and make the visible url look like this – (

First you need to make sure the owner will allow you to do this and second Google only allows one redirect like that with each domain to show up on adwords.  Better be the first or there will be a battle.  I believe there is a ranking order whoever is bidding more, better quality score or etc…..

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a continuous learning journey for me.  You gotta keep up with the old and stay fresh with the new but that’s what makes it so great.  It keeps you on your toes, just when you think you’ve mastered seo then one of your sites or blogs gets banned or loses PR from just one little mistake.

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