How to Submit Your Site to Search Engines & MSN TiP

This is a very important topic if you are trying to get your website or blog to show up in the search engines via “serps” or also known as organic traffic.  You can use free website submit services or you can do it manually.  I will show you a short cut of getting your sites or blogs indexed and you will learn how to submit your site to search engines for FREE and quickly!

The 3 Top Dogs for Search Engines:
  • Google – King of all search engines no one comes close for traffic.
  • Yahoo – Queen of all search engines.
  • MSN – Child of all search engines.

Now to submit your site to all three search engines the fast way and best way at least for me.  Like I said you can just use a website submission service, like “” which will submit to all three search engines plus many more at one time but I have found from experience that search engines like Yahoo and MSN aren’t as easy to submit to as google is.

Google is the easiest to get indexed by.  Sometimes I have sites appear in google search engine in a week, a day or it can take mths.   Now yahoo and msn are usually harder but if you know what you are doing then it’s not to complicated.

How to Submit Your site to the Big 3 Search Engines?

It’s really easy.  Just use the actual search engine you’re trying to submit site to and type in “submit site” .  Do this with all three google, msn, yahoo search engines.  This will bring up results for those keywords “submit site” and then usually the first or 2nd result will be a page to submit your url to their search engine.

Now, like I said google search engine is easy so your good with google after doing this and yahoo is a directory and they usually take awhile but you’ll be in their search engine soon.

I have also found that if you use ppc or paid search for content on any of the Big 3 search engines then your site usually gets indexed really quickly as well but necessary.

Tip for adding site to MSN Search engine!

MSN usually takes the longest but if you use these tips then to submit your site to the msn search engine and being indexed will not take very long whatsoever.

Do the same thing mentioned above “submit site” for MSN but here comes the cool part.  Now go here  Now if you don’t have a account with msn – a hotmail account, then you might have to make one it’s FREE and really simple.  If you do have one already then you’ll be taken to your My MSN page directly.  Find the “favorites” link and click it.  Drop down menu comes down and click “change details”.  Now add your url to your favorites.  This tip will help your site to be submitted quickly to their search engine.

One other tip for MSN is to find a website that has a PR 3 or higher that is already in the MSN search engine and trade links with them.  Now you know how to submit your site to search engines the quick and free way!


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