How to Make Money with Twitter the Smart Way

Twitter is a great place for meeting cool new people, networking, social media and just having fun online in your spare time.  I just recently joined Twitter and I see now the HUGE potential it has on influencing people and getting the latest HOT Trends and news updates before anyone else.

One particular topic many new Twitters want to know is how to make money with Twitter even if your not a celebrity, a BIG Dog or have experience with SMM? (social media marketing)

I learn new things about Twitter everyday.  There is so much information once you get into it and more tools than you would have time to even use in your lifetime.

Since I am a experienced marketer and SEM, I’ve noticed many newbies spam affiliate links (links for companies who pay you a percentage) especially for Clickbank – king of ebook downloads.

One piece of advice.  CB is also known for allowing you to purchase any ebook they have with your own affiliate link.  One of the few affiliate programs that allow you to do this but they really don’t want you to just use CB for that sole purpose.  Almost everyone and there grandma knows about CB.

They know they can just buy thru their own link or url.  My point being is people don’t like spamming and there’s like a 1/2% chance you will make a sale with clickbank links.  Not trying to knock anyone, just being real.

How to Make Money with Twitter the Smart Way!

You need to first obviously gain quality followers who are interested in you and what you offer as a human being.  You could inject your Twitter account with steroids (automated programs) to get followers, some are against them and others live by them.

I’ll leave that up to you, I’m not going to get into that in this post.  Have fun with Twitter, be yourself, help others with good advice and having a humorous side doesn’t hurt.

Don’t spam CB links, there are so many great resources and tools out there that actually help fellow twitterers and other methods that will help you make money with twitter.  A couple legit programs that I just recently learned about is tweetbucks and Twittads .

Another method is to promote multi tier affiliate programs.  What is that?  These are affiliate programs that pay you on referrals you send directly to them and you also make a percentage from affiliates that signup under you.

Gives you a better chance to make some money whether the person buys from your link or if they get greedy and want to sell the same product you recommended.

There are several great multi tier affiliate programs out there to make money on Twitter but here’s some good one’s below and their links for their affiliate programs.


Keep track of your clicks (free service bitly) to see what kind of products your followers are interested in and lose the programs that aren’t winners.

Have fun with Twitter and there’s nothing wrong with making a few extra dollars while doing it.


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