How to Get More Followers on Twitter – Without Steroids!

Doesn’t really matter who you are but most people who join Twitter want to get more followers. Whether its for networking, friends, making sales, Ego Boost or etc…..I found a Really Great post on “How to Get More Followers on Twitter” includes Twitter Tips from 10 Experts which includes: Top social media moguls and Big names like John Chow.

I definitely suggest you read that whole post from all Ten Experts.  You will learn how they got more followers and how to get followers on Twitter without the use of steroids (Twitter automated programs).  It was a really good read and talks pretty much about how to get more followers and what it takes.  I did a quick recap of the some of the main points that these experts suggest.

How to get more followers on Twitter Rapidly

  • Make sure you fill out a descriptive profile and be fun and honest doesn’t matter if your famous or average joe
  • pick a brand (example marketing) that you want to go with throughout the entire time and don’t change it up
  • Don’t spam or irritate people with tweets or repeat things to often
  • send @replies but helpful and fun and not to many where they get irritating
  • be helpful and give advice
  • don’t PANIC if people Unfollow you (it happens to even the Big Dogs) sometimes people see a different side of you and might not like it. (who cares, be yourself)
  • Don’t go off topic to often (going back to the brand thing)
  • Be yourself and don’t overdue anything or try to be something you’re not (not everything has to be funny, people can sense fake and will sense it a mile away)

There’s so much more information about getting more followers on twitter and I just want to add if you spam links all day, you’re going to get many unfollows and may get kicked out of Twitter.  Also if you do use some of the automated tools for Twitter, don’t only rely on them.  You need to let people know what’s on your mind and get to know the real you.  If you don’t and only rely on the automated tweets then you won’t be able to get a HUGE amount of twitter followers.

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