How to Get Indexed by Google in just a few Days

I had to write a post about this topic because it’s a pretty HOT Topic right now, especially on Twitter and many Big Blogs.  Some say submit your site url into google search engines and that is the fastest way to be indexed by them.  It makes sense and I even wrote a post about that whole subject recently.

Hey, if Google says to submit your site in their search engine manually then it should be fine and dandy, Right.  Haven’t you ever noticed it takes awhile before your site or blog is indexed by google?

Unless you throw a bunch of back links to it, I personally never had a site indexed by Google, Yahoo or MSN in a few days just by submitting it manually into their search engine.  I always just thought that was the fastest way and the best way to do it.

The TRUTH about how to get indexed by Google in just a few days!

The Fastest way to be indexed is actually to NEVER SUBMIT your sites to any search engines manually.  Yes, it will eventually get indexed by the search engines but the fastest way is to naturally have Google find your site, instead of forcing your site to them.  It’s just like your best friend and you meeting their other friends.

You don’t go up to all his or her friends and force yourself to an introduction, you wait until your best friend introduces them to you.  I guess that’s how Google works as well.  The King would rather be introduced from someone who he already knows.

Find a PR2 site or higher Page rank site and get a backlink from them.  If you do this Google, which of course crawls their site at least once a day will find your link……and guess what.  You’ll get indexed.

I know my blog for instance isn’t any pagerank yet….hey, my baby was just made not to long ago and I haven’t really spent any time on a back linking mission yet.

But my point was no pagerank but my site gets crawled everyday from Google with a lot of hits.  I also add new content to it almost everyday now, as well.  A Pagerank 2 site should be good enough or go after a higher pagerank if you are anxious.

If you do this, your site should be indexed within a couple of days.  I want to also add, throwing a squidoo lens, Ezines article or Etc… seems to help as well if your still not indexed within a few days.  I just wanted to add I learned this (not submitting sites manually to Google) from the seo expert over at the dailyseoblog.

Trust me this method works and I don’t ever submit my sites manually anymore.  Even though many people still think that’s the fastest and best way.  Test it out yourself and see what works best.

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