How to Find Keywords – Buying Words for “Money Traffic”

Keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO and getting organic traffic (free traffic) to your site or blog.  Keywords will help make your site a success or a failure.  You must use the EXACT words or phrases people are typing and searching for or your site may never be found in the (serps) – free traffic.  You will learn the best ways of How to find Keywords and a few good tips.

First off, you need to have laser targeted traffic coming to your site or blog.  Why?…..If you have a site about “how to make money online” and you have keywords that are bringing in traffic from people who are looking for “cars” they probably will leave your site right away and never come back.

You need to find people who are putting the keywords about “how to make money online” or you’re site will never succeed.  It doesn’t matter what your site or business is about “organic foods” etc…. these are just examples of why keywords are so important to bring in the right traffic.

We covered why keywords are important for serps (free traffic) but if you are using PPC (paid advertising) and are looking for keywords for that type of marketing then Keywords are equally as important!

How to Find Keywords – That Make Money!

Now to find the keywords that will bring you “laser targeted traffic” you can use a Free tool from google.  It’s FREE and is good for the beginner or amateur.  You can check it out here -> Google keyword tool

I used that when I first got into internet marketing and it was sufficient for awhile.  But now, in 2009 competition has gotten fierce online and almost everyone and their grandma are trying to make money online or creating their own blogs and sites.

Guess what?…..they all know about the google keyword tool and they are probably using the same keywords you are so that means its harder to get traffic for those keywords and being on the first page of google results pages will be nearly impossible, unless you got mad seo skills.

Here’s one of my secret keyword tools below I use that I found out about a long time ago from a guru.  Let me just add, if you just rely on FREE keyword tools then you won’t ever hit the full potential that your site could have and won’t ever find “Hot buying keywords” cause you will never know about them.

Try it for FREE for a week -> wordtracker this keyword tool will show you keywords that the google keyword tool doesn’t show and it will give a list of “long tailed keywords” – Buying words!.

Long tailed keywords convert to sales so much better than just let’s say “cars” if you throw cars into wordtracker it will popup a HUGE list of keywords that people are searching for, like “1999 ford mustang gt color red in tx” You will find the keywords barely anyone else is using.  Less competition equals More Money!

Here is the other great keyword tool I used, you could reach the  #1 spot on Google results pages within a week.  Very powerful, find keywords and “long tailed keywords” no one else can find.  Seo Elite I hope you gained a little more insight on How to find keywords that will bring in Laser targeted traffic and ultimately put more money in your hands!

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