GoDaddy Domain Sale & Promo Codes ~ Godaddy Domain Redirect Video

I have had some people asking about how to redirect domain names with Godaddy and what’s the best way to redirect without hosting.  Ok there are several ways to redirect.

Easiest way to redirect your domain if you have hosting is obviously go into your cpanel and redirect any domains you want to.  People do this when they are selling a product for a affiliate company and want to make their link look professional.

Instead of this for example:  “”. By redirecting that same url, you could turn it into this “” and it would redirect when clicked to the example url.  Doesn’t the second one look better?

How to redirect domain names with Godaddy?  I found a really great video on how to do this so watch the video.   It’s so simple.  You could do this method even without any hosting.  Many people do this for ppc.

That is the easiest way to redirect if you don’t have hosting.  There are a few other good ways to redirect domains if you have hosting but are more complicated and I’m not going into that in this post.

I normally use Hostgator for my hosting and domains.  Just in case you don’t know about HG, they are one of the Top Hosting companies in the world and also have over 1.8 million domains registered thru them.  They also have VIP support, Instant chat so I can talk to support with IM.  It’s pretty awesome.

I have a few hosting accounts from them and don’t even remember how many domains.  I have however just recently started getting all my domain names from Godaddy.  Why?….#1 reason is because hostgator has gone up on Domain names – $15 for .coms…to much.

Godaddy is having a “Huge Domain Sale” right now and I’ve got some Sweet Promo codes that work with them and most of these promo codes are non expiring.   Godaddy is the #1 domain company in the world so they are very reliable and trustworthy.

Godaddy Domain Sale – try some of the promos below and get a cheaper price.

Godaddy Hosting Specials – Throw in the 10% host promo below.

Here are the Go Daddy Promo codes below.  Enter them when you make a purchase.  There will be a “Put Promo Code Here” when you are registering a domain or host.  Try different combinations with the sale links above.

I don’t know which promos will work if you purchase thru the already on sale godaddy links.  I do know they work, I have just recently used them.  Don’t worry, if the promo code doesn’t work with a special sale link then you will know before you make final purchase.  They aren’t trying to trick you.  You’ll see the discounted price before final purchase.

Godaddy Domain Promo Codes Most are Non Expirinig

FPT2 – $5 off $30 or more of any purchase
NEW2 – $5 off any order $30 or more
LOVE99 – 1$ domains
FPT1 – 10% off any hosting plan

Most Godaddy promo codes don’t work anymore. They now just usually have daily sales that you’ll see currently when you click on those special discount links above.

If you know of anymore promo’s for godaddy, then let me know and I’ll add them.


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