16 Great Places to Make a FREE Website or Blog

Have you ever wanted to make a website, start your own blog, just make a free website and didn’t know how or where?  Maybe you are new to this whole website thing and didn’t want to get your own hosting or other tools you’ll need to have to build your own site and just want to make a free website.

There are several great places where you can make a website without knowing any coding or spending any money.  Great for beginners – advanced but just don’t have to mess with all the hassles and best of all they are 100% free.

I have created a list below of 16 great places to answer the question of “where to make a Free website“. I put the free web site list in order from my favorite to least favorite.

16 Great sites to make your own FREE website or blog

www.Blogger.com – very powerful and search engines love them
wordpress.com – same, very powerful search engines love them
hubpages.com – also loved by search engines and great features
www.weebly.com – easily can be in search engines, features and flexibility are Awesome!
www.squidoo.com – search engines love and easy to use
www.wetpaint.com – search engines find very quickly

All of these “FREE hosted” websites and blog sites or platforms are great to use when starting out, but many like myself, still use them even when you are more advanced and own your websites and blogs.

I still use the top 5 above today to create landing pages, link baits and small mini sites to drive traffic to my main sites. They are great for getting more exposure and backlinks to your own “self hosted” blogs and websites.

If you want to Make Real Money Online or Potentially start a Online Business, then I strongly suggest you get your own “self hosted” blog and domain. Here’s a great tutorial on how to setup a blog or website easily.


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