10 Ways to Get Backlinks to a New Website

There are hundreds of very important things to consider for a new site to be properly SEO optimized for the search engines, especially if you want a good place in the (Serps) free traffic. We all know how important SEO is for your site or blog especially when starting a new one.

You want to make sure it gets the proper launch.  One of the most important or The most important thing you need to work on is Getting Quality Backlinks to your site“.  In my opinion the most important to get Higher Pagerank….and pagerank equals a better spot on the (serps)  But How do you get backlinks to a new website with little traffic or no traffic?

I am currently on a slow but steady SEO backlink campaign for this fairly new blog.(that’s the way to do it)  I have had sites in the past on the very first page of google for the Main Buying Keywords.  Sorry no pics, back then I never thought I would get to this point or go public with a blog.

I am going to need some nice PR for this blog especially in this niche. (very competitive niche) and I’m going for the Hardest keywords for this niche. I’ll tell you this, starting off is going to be your hardest and most frustrating time.  You have no traffic, no pagerank and you have to get your site’s name out to build credibility.

People aren’t going to just volunteer and give you a backlink from their High pr site, they probably could care less about you and why would they want to help you?….You’re going to be their competition.

Don’t get discouraged.  Like many successful Entrepreneurs say “If you don’t have any backlinks, traffic or sales then GO Get Them” be resilient, Never Give Up and Think outside the Box.  These ten methods below will also help!

Ten Surefire Ways to Get Backlinks even if you have a Brand New Site with NO Traffic

1. Leave comments on other blogs with dofollow for links (make sure you don’t spam and offer advice or your own opinion & add your link)  Finding blogs that are dofollow and with good PR in your niche can be tough, especially when most people think half of all the blogs are dofollow when they actually aren’t.  Here’s a inexpensive little tool that I used to get a List of TRUE Dofollow Blogs Blog Comment Demon everyone I have recommended it to have been pleased.

Oh yeah, if the blog has a  Top Commentator Plugin it will count every post comment link as a separate page – meaning if you’re on that list, then instead of just getting one backlink from the entire site, you get a backlink for every comment you left for every post. I know some people getting like 100’s or in the 1000’s of backlinks in a very short amount of time. Pretty Sweet!

2. Talk a little smirky or brash about the Big Dogs or your competition on your posts. Don’t overdue it or be disrespectful (you don’t want to make enemies with the Big Dogs) but this does work. How?…. well maybe they hear it from the grapevine, social media or so forth and then guess what, they throw a little post about your wannabe site on their blog and look what you got, a FREE backlink and some new traffic.

3. Write articles with Ezinearticles.com a PR6 site. Very powerful takes a few days before your articles are accepted but who cares it’s FREE and High quality backlinks.

4. Make Squidoo.com lenses a PR7 site about your niche and backlink to your site.

5. Use Hubpages.com a PR6 site and backlink to your site.

6. Make your own websites or blogs and backlink to your own site. Works better than you think.

7. Make posts or Static pages on your site with a HUGE List of, for example (100 best WP plugins make it thorough) also considered as a linkbait. That way people backlink because they want to refer to the list and or they point others to your site and tell them they can find it on your list.  Works like a charm!

8. You can always rely on the easiest method and buy backlinks, if you got the money then why not.

9. Comment in forums and make sure you put your website’s link in your signature. Free backlinks and traffic. (2 good ones- (forums.digitalpoint.com) and (warriorforum.com) – great way to make some sales as well!

10. Find other new sites like yours and in similar niches and ask if they want to trade links. Forums are a good place to find people usually they will have section just for that.

Okay, I hope you got some new ideas on how to get backlinks to even a brand new site and of course there are other ways but this is my top ten list.

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