Outsourcing and Finding a FreeLancer Tips

I decided to write about outsourcing and finding a good freelancer tips today since that is what I’ve been getting into lately.  I love outsourcing work to freelancers online, it saves a ton of time and  I can get certain jobs done that I can’t do.  I pretty much know what I need to know about internet marketing and everything that goes with that.  I can pretty much do or know where to go to get any job done correctly.

I have a full time job so time is valuable to me and I will admit there are some coding and a few other things that I’m not a pro at so I like to outsource some of my programming and writing quite often.  If You Have the MONEY, IMO why not outsource.  It costs money yes, sometimes a lot of money but if I know I’m going to make it back and PLUS some then I don’t ever lose sleep over it.

Finding a Freelancer online doesn’t always cost a grip either.  Put up a job and you will be amazed at how many people want the job BIG or small for a small amount of money.  You can also write it off as a expense as well.  Outsourcing content is a beautiful thing.

I can have pro. written article or subjects I don’t know to much about written for me with all the seo juice packed into it.  There are many good sites for content just google it or here are some places I use for outsourcing and finding freelancers.

Digital Point forums just go into the freelance section for jobs and post your job or problem, you’ll find freelancers usually within a few minutes you’ll have many top writers and programmers that want the job.

Sitepoint is a great place to outsource and find freelancers for whatever as well.  Many good freelancers for everything you would need one for your internet marketing ventures.

One of my secret outsourcing SEO content creation sites I love using is www.seo-peace.com – Have something done by them and you won’t regret it their writers are out of this world or look at some work they’ve done.  This isn’t no affiliate link none of these on this post are.  I don’t like using craigslist cause there’s to many phonies on there IMO.  Go ahead and try them if you want they are like the #1 site in size for freelancing jobs.

3 other great sites to outsource and find a freelancer.


Outsourcing and finding a great freelancer Tips:

  • Checkout there background and comments whatever info you have to see what others say about them and what kind of work they’ve done.
  • Don’t ever trust them, at first once you chat with them or done some projects with them you’ll be able to read them out still never let your guard down.  Like passwords etc….
  • I like to post a amount of money I’ll pay upfront on the post.  Always start low just like haggling when buying a car.  I start low and the price usually always increases.  Some of these freelancers are good at haggling you they’ll do the job and then assume your going to pay more.  The humble ones who don’t want extra money are keepers.
  • I always be talking to them live either by phone, cam or IM.  That way they are letting me know what’s the progress or whatever instantly and I know they aren’t just sitting there and letting time run on and going to overcharge me.

Finally your mission is to outsource and find freelancers for future jobs or even become partners.  I have a small group of couple writers and programmers who can do programming and designing for me at the drop of a dime.  I will admit I am impatient sometimes so I have a small group of freelancers that i can contact instantly cause I know when there online and have whatever job done quickly and efficiently.

I know them pretty well and they know me so it is perfect harmony at least most of the time.  I know about how much their going to charge me and they know what kind of work I want done, much easier when you get a team going on for yourself but you’ll have to find them and that’s not always easy.

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