Landing Page Tip – Make More Conversions

Here’s a great landing page tip to get more conversions.   Instead of showing and telling the features of a product on your landing page you should tell them the benefits or results of purchasing your product.

Try it out on some test runs I know you will probably make more conversions with a landing page pointing out the “benefits” rather than the features.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about for let’s say a PC cleaner.


  • virus protection
  • spam filter
  • firewall


  • Protection from all online viruses
  • Online security from potential threats
  • Faster Computer

I know it isn’t exactly worded the way I would use for a landing page but I think you get the idea.   What one would  make you want to purchase the features or the benefits.  But remember that features and benefits or results will be very similar but their is a thin line between the two.

I am going to be running some tests on this theory and will post them on here when I get results.  Anyways I have to give credit to my boy for this landing page tip.  He is the king of affiliate marketing.

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