How to Make a Landing Page – for Newbies

Making Landing Pages will be the way a Internet Marketing Newbie will make most of your money.  How to make a landing page is a question asked quite often for good reason.  It will depend on your content and graphics on how your landing page will perform for you.  I am quite picky so I like to tweak my landing pages until I am making sales for every 40 or less clicks.

Why is a Landing Page the fastest way to Make Money for IM Beginners?

You can either make money with a website, blog, PPC ads (google, yahoo, msn) landing pages.  Now internet marketing newbies want to make money fast and now, right.  To Build a landing page is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make money from your affiliate resources.  Just find something to sell and just start testing the product out to see if it sells.

How to Build a landing page with No Money or Little Money!

  • First find something to sell.  I use clickbank, cj, azoogle, sfi, imc etc….
  • Use a free blogging platform like, weebly or but remember this FREE method has limits cause they own your site and not recommended if your trying to make Real Money Online.  But it does work.
  • Use your own host and make a landing page or use and make a landing page much quicker and easier.
  • Find the keywords your going to use for your landing page.

You can make landing pages the free method but if your going to get serious your going to need your own hosting and then you will have so many more options.  I recommend Hostgator , yes I use them and they include website templates and WP is a breeze to use with Hostgator plus they are the cheapest and most reliable company.

I’ve been with them for a few years now and their customer service is #1.  With your own Hosting you can make mini sites, simple landers, squeeze pages and my favorite you can use and just throw a different theme or template and make a lander really quick.  Many newbies and Gurus use WP to make sites and landing pages.  It’s the quickest way to make landing pages.

Get your own Hosting to build landing pages or else your just going to be competing with IM who have much better landing pages and probably won’t make any sales.  Unless your really skilled with making landers.  With your own hosting you’ll be able to find free templates all over the internet for landers or just put WP on your host and change your themes which again are all over the internet.

Now to make a landing page your going to have to use a keyword tool.  I like using several but the first and FREE keyword tool I used is google keyword tool it will be good enough to start off with keyword tools are usually pretty expensive.

Just find the right graphics if you want to use them and test out your landing page.  You can build landers like a article or use a review type lander.  I use both so test them out.  Just type (product) review in search engine and check out what their review landing pages look like.

Now you know how to make a landing page and you’ll see money rolling in soon!

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