Add Value to Your Blog or Website

What is the #1 Most Important Must Have for your Blog or Website? You wanted to say content right….Content is king and very important but the #1 Must Have for online success would be “Value“.

Value for your blog or website is the most important thing you should work on.  Yes, you need everything else but without value you won’t have anyone to buy or look at what you took so long to create.

Value is just human nature you won’t be able to change it.  Just like regular life think of your friends, curricular activities and hobbies.  Why do you do them or need them.  They bring you or give you something that you are looking for in your life.  Friends and family, what value do they bring or give you?

You probably wouldn’t hangout with people who bring you down or are boring right…. You make friends with people who bring value to your life in some way or form.  Whether its just to hangout with or vent your bad day to friends are valuable to you in some way.  Theres a reason why you call them or hang with them everyday or week.

There has to be some reason why people want to stay on your site or a reason why they want to buy from your site.  Maybe it’s a informational site/blog then what makes people want to go to your site or read it.  Just like the fairly new blog I Haz Cheezburgerz it brings value by bringing humor and creativeness to people who obviously love it cause their revisits and word of mouth is off the charts!

The same goes for a website or blog if it doesn’t bring “value” to your potential customers then they won’t visit again or tell anyone about it.  Without value there’s no reason for them to ever come back to your site again.  Instead of always concentrating on making the sale you really need to focus on bringing real 100% “value” to your blogs and sites for your potential customers.

What “value” do you provide your readers and potential customers?

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