Ad Position for PPC Marketing

What’s the best ad position for ppc marketing?  That is a good question and one that I’m still trying to figure out.  But I will give you my two cents and tell you what is working for me currently.

Ad position makes a big difference because it will make your clicks cost more or less and how many people will click on it…right.  Finding the right ad position for your ppc campaign is crucial to make good roi.

When I am bidding on actual product namebrand, the actual name of website you’re affiliating with I like to be #1.  Yes it costs more per clicks at first but that is the money making keyword.  People who don’t know about IM and put are looking for the specific keyword or website they are likely to click on the first ad they see on top of page.

They don’t know it isn’t the actual original owners site or not and they probably don’t care.  Pretty much if they know the actual name of website and use that as the keyword then they already know about what the site is about and probably want to buy.

When I’m not bidding on product names or actual website names then I like to be either on the bottom of the list or between position 3 – 5.  That way I’m not paying the high keyword price 1 or 2 but visitors will see my add on the right probably on top or middle.  It’s a good spot to still catch the potential customers eye with a good ad.

I noticed being on the bottom of the page for your ad you’ll get really low click thru and that leads to lower quality score which leads to higher costing clicks.  The only time to be on the bottom would be you have a Killer ad so you still get good amount of clicks.

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