Html for Hyperlinks

One of the first basic Html codes you will need to know is the coding of Html for Hyperlink.  The Html for hyperlinks is not very complicated at all but you probably want to write it down somewhere cause you’ll be using this html code a lot.  I’m going to show you two different html hyperlinks I use all the time.

Code for First Html Hyperlink:

<a href=””>Click Here</a>

This is the most common type of hyperlink.  Now make sure you use the exact html hyperlink code above  and change the to whatever URL you want and the Click Here to whatever word you want them to click on.

This is what the above html hyperlink above looks like.  Just hover your mouse above the Click Here and you’ll see the URL I used above in the bottom left corner of your monitor.
Click Here

Code for 2nd Html Hyperlink:

<a href=””target=”_blank”>Click Here</a>

This Html for Hyperlink will open another window or pop up a new window when they click the hyperlink.  Make sure you use exact html coding above just change the and click here to what ever word you want to use.

The first one uses the same window and this hyperlink is useful for affiliate marketing or etc…. It’s useful because the website they were looking at will still be there even when they click on a link.  Here is what it looks like and click it and see how it opens a new window. Click Here

Now here I’ll break down the definitions for what the html code for the hyperlinks above is for:

a – is for anchor and its leads the link to another page

href – hypertext reference which tells browser where the link will take the visitor

< > – these symbols just surround the Html code.

target=”_blank” – just means to open up another window instead of the same one.

Now you know one of the most important html codes you will need for your sites or emails or whatever.  Now remember if you are using a writing tool and you can change from visual to html mode you will have to use the html for hyperlinks in the html mode and then click visual and you’ll see just the hyperlink.

Just test and try it out until you see just the hyper link that you want.  If you don’t see the hyperlink and you just see just the coding you probably forgot something or whatever your writing on doesn’t allow html coding.


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