Have Confidence & Don’t Give up!

Have confidence in your ideas for your online business that they will work and then implement them.  Let me just tell you now just in case you are new to the IM game.  YES, you will fail with some of your ideas or methods you implement but if you don’t have confidence in your ideas you won’t have success with them.

You’ll see what I mean when you start making your first sales.  When I first started to try to make money online I started losing hope in my ideas and really wasn’t motivated to continue to work on my sites/ideas….you will start to lose faith and get out of focus…..then I started making sales online and the momentum changed I was so focused and had so much confidence that I came up with new ideas and worked harder and more on them because I knew they would make sales.  The lesson I learned without confidence in what you are doing you won’t be as productive.

Don’t Give Up!…..Even experienced Internet Marketers or entreprenuers online have doubts or want to give up because they see their method or new ideas aren’t working or making sales……or making enough sales in certain amount of time.

If you have a good product or good idea to make money from then you need to keep trying different approaches, landing pages, keywords, seo or other small details (such as color) until you find the right combination that is a moneymaker!


I sometimes get these great ideas for landing pages and I start creating everything that was in my mind.  All the way to the right keywords pictures review whatever.  I spend hrs. sometimes or more for a good landing page.  Then I test it out on some good quality traffick and WHAM! like a door in the face…..I find out it’s not working or making sales….so what now.

I change it up whatever I need to because I know if you have a good product or a good idea then something will finally work.

Here’s a tip I read about when I first started to help motivate and keep you focused.  Put pictures of or write down  your dreams, goals, motivations whatever they may be including; quitting your day job or a picture of your kids or dream car/house in front of your computer or mirror.  Trust me this tip works pretty good keeps you focused.

Don’t Give Up!

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