2 Tips I use to Make Easy Money Online!

2627570159#1 One of my tips to make more money online is I try to market Hot New Products or Services.  This can help you make your first dollar online or “Just Plain Make You More Money Online”.

This doesn’t work for all new products or services just Good Quality ones.  Check it out for yourself first then decide if you would buy it and does it provide good service and value.  Don’t try to market flaky or scam type products/services without good customer service. IMO  Unless you want less sales in future with repeat buyers and you may get a lot of refunds as well.

Why do I try to go after new products or services because people like new things in general and it’s Much Easier to get in the (Serps) search engine results pages, more specifically on page 1.  The only one you should be trying to get on.  Think about how many times have you searched for something and went on any other page than page 1?

No one else or not very many people have already made reviews or other type of sites/blogs about the new product.  Competition for the new product is small at first but you gotta “take action quickly” because there’s going to be many good marketers who are going to do the same thing as you and spread the word about the new product/service.

#2 The other tip that I use to make easy money online is think about what are people looking for right now.  Whether online or off.  Examples: may not be current right now–High Gas Prices, Living Green, Recession, Holidays, different seasons of the year, etc….. You get the point.

Using the examples above now you have to ask what would someone be looking for, let’s say for living green.  Green products from reusable products all the way to using less energy.  Holidays, looking for products online etc….

Remember if you’re trying to do organic traffic give yourself 1 to 3 mths average for you to appear on search results.  Hint for holidays, think several mths ahead or you’ll lose precious traffic to top dogs who thought ahead of time.  PPc marketers can get traffic almost instantly so just have a Nice  landing page or site ready.

Always keep an eye out for Hot New products/services and answer the current problems or questions people are looking for with a Great Product or service.

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