What is Seo?

What is SEO?

What is SEO? In any marketing strategy or website marketing that is being done today, none is more common than SEO. Even if you may not have heard of SEO, you will likely, sooner or later get to know of this acronym. In short, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a term used to describe the process by which a webmaster increases a website’s visibility in search engines. With SEO, websites get recognized and ranked by search engines by Google. This ranking of websites is one of the important components that have changed the way search engine results are obtained.

Just a few years ago, for a webmaster to have his or her website ‘seen’ by a search engine required knowledge of web design and where search engines look in order to determine the importance of a website. Today, those early SEO techniques have literally become obsolete. In fact, only about 1% or less of those techniques are used by modern search engines to determine a web page’s importance.  Today, search engine robots use completely different ways, some of which are known only by the search engine companies to accurately rank websites and their web pages.

Today, most people will rarely go past the second page in search engine results pages (SERPs). Thus, to get better results, webmasters have realized that a keyword or a key phrase used in a search engine results search box is very crucial. They have therefore concentrated on keywords or key phrases that are most commonly used in the searches and optimized their web pages to get more attention from search engine robots. This however, is not easy task when you consider that millions of other webmasters are doing exactly the same. The goal of everyone is to appear on the first page of a Google search.

What is SEO demanding today? SEO demands having a good knowledge of search engines. A page’s relevance to a particular key phrase is assessed by use of search engine algorithms that are not given publicly. If one is selling “online insurance”, on a website and fails to mention “online insurance” on the page text, search engines will have very little information to work with. “Online Insurance” thus becomes the keyword that must be incorporated into the website’s pages text.  A precaution should however be given. Spamming search engines by over-using the keyword can result in more harm than good.  In some cases, websites have been excluded from search results when foul play has been detected.

What is SEO other techniques? Use of keywords in SEO can also be done together with linking. Reciprocal links that include keywords on or near the links on a site have been shown to get better results from Google. A search engine optimization aimed towards a certain city or state works best when the state’s or the city’s name is sprinkled throughout the text. Also ensure that the keywords stand out. Other SEO techniques may include the use of interior links within a site since this generates more links.  An experienced SEO expert will usually recognize that an SEO project requires the use of a couple of these techniques, not just one or two of these.  An SEO campaign is also ongoing. With so many websites coming up everyday, even a top Google ranking can easily fall if fresh content is not supplied.  Thus, when done aright and regularly, SEO optimization can prove to be the gateway to financial independence and having your online presence felt.

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